Hearthstone Creators Discuss The Witchwood in Behind-the-Scenes Video

The process of producing these new improvements is interesting and you are given a glance at how they established that the Worgen-filled set by a brand new video.

Following the goofy intro, the movie begins with game director Ben Brode as he explains how they started development on The Witchwood using the implementation of their Worgen and their changing nature. Senior game developer Dave Kosak desired to utilize the “ spookiest set in Azeroth ”, Gilneas and explains how they wanted to tell horror tales

Additionally, they speak about a few of the cards such as Hagatha the Witch, which Kosak describes as “the embodiment of exactly what you ought to be scared of at the Witchwood” along with the Shudderwock, that Brode claims was a “huge struggle to implement” and “the most complex card that we’ve ever produced. ”

If You’d like to learn more about The Witchwood and everything it has to offer, check out our interview with the game manager Ben Brode

Hearthstone along with The Witchwood can be purchased now for PC and mobile devices.

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