New Yandere Simulator Trailer Is All About the Delinquent Gang

The development of Yandere Simulator continues, and a new trailer has been released, showcasing an upcoming feature, now.

The movie is all about the diehard gang, that murderous protagonist Yandere-chan will have to manage throughout her search to catch senpai’s heart when murdering all the competition   (or otherwise eliminating them).

We can see that the encounter involves combat, and also the trailer also showcases a track written for the game. It must have an upgrade sometime soonish, although the attribute isn ’ t complete yet, since there’s bug fixing to be done.

It’ll be interesting to observe the ways in which the delinquents are going to have the ability to hinder Yandere-chan, or maybe even assist her. There seem to be a few new weapons included too.

You may check out the trailer below, and if you wish to find out more, you could also take a look at another video featuring the student council.

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