Learn How One God of War Voice Actor Prepared for the Role of Kratos

Whether you prefer the God of War games or not, there’s no denying the series’ protagonist Kratos has one of the most recognizable voices in gaming history. Lately, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently published a new video from the leadup to God of War that delivers some more insight into the process of making the voice of Kratos.

Rather than focusing on the variant of Kratos with this movie, we are introduced from the other region. Ricardo Juarez is the voice of Kratos for the Brazilian version of God of War plus he is featured in the video to go over his own procedure of expressing the character.

Talks about how was in a state of anger a, in the moviewas often seen crying and crying. From the newest  God of War he states he had to learn how to balance this previous fury using the brand new, calmer tone which Kratos currently has as a dad. It s subdued though the anger is still there and Juarez wanted to make sure that came in his operation.

You may get the video containing Juarez. As I’m certain you know, God of War is last due out later this week April 20, solely for PS4. In the meantime, be certain to check out our review of the game to hold you over until that moment.

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