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State of Decay 2 File Size Comes In at Just Over 20 GB

Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios’ zombie-killing survival game State of Decay 2 is expected out in only about one month, that means we’re currently starting to receive our standard slew of details which every game normally receives prior to launching.

One of those specific details are in regards to the document size of State of Decay 2 which has now appeared on the game’s webpage on the Microsoft Store website. In accordance with this listing, State of Decay 2 will arrive in at a full of 20.31 GB which is the game’s dimension before a potential day one patch.

If you didn’t understand, State of Decay 2 is going to be contained in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass support on day one as it starts next month. This is part of a brand new initiative which Microsoft recently kicked off for this particular month’s launch of Sea of Thieves to incorporate all future first-party party names in the service.

State of Decay 2 has been slated to arrive May 22 for the Xbox One and PC. To learn more concerning the game, be sure to check out some information that programmer Undead Labs recently released regarding the game’so enhancements for Xbox One X. 

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