From Naughty Dog to Guerrilla Games and Many More, Developers React to the Launch of God of War

God of War has finally found the light, and it’s at the control of tens of thousands of gamers globally. This also suggests that it reached the displays of developers and theyre certainly speaking about it on interpersonal networking.

Below you can find a lot of tweets out from developers, to get a good idea of what they think about the new game.

Neil Druckmann – Naughty Dog

Kurt Margenau – Naughty Dog

Thomas Puha – Remedy Games

Jan-Bart van Beek – Guerrilla Games

Dan Lowe – Motive Studios

Sucker Punch


Insomniac Games


Looks like programmers from several studios are as excited about the game like critics and gamers are everywhere. As for us, if you want to know how we are feeling about Sony Santa Monica’s epic masterpiece, ”  it is also possible to have a look at our full review.   It is also possible to watch videos  showing the unboxing of this spiffy test kit, the  first thirty minutes of gameplay on PS4 Pro, the game’s upcoming photo mode, also  model footage from 2015, revealing just how much the game evolved into three years.

God of War  formally released today, April 20th, solely for PS4.   In case you haven’t purchased it, you can do so on Amazon.

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