Dark Fantasy Game Iratus: Lord of the Dead Will Head to Kickstarter

Last week, Russian indie developer Unfrozen announced on Steam which  Iratus: Lord of the Dead, their debut fantasy roleplaying game, will visit Kickstarter on May 2nd for additional funding. While the game is nearly finished, their aim of $10,000 will permit them to complete polishing the game and include potential additional content. They introduced a trailer researching the background of this necromancer Iratus that was imprisoned.

Unfrozen began working on Iratus: Lord of the Dead back in 2016.   It is a tactical dark dream game that has been heavily inspired by Darkest Dungeon. However, rather than the typical great conquering evil trope seen in a lot of roleplaying games, players may find themselves on the side of evil supporting Iratus escape in the dungeon which has held him captive for several years.

At the game, players may use their necromantic powers to craft minions from the body parts of their dead enemies and better their subterranean lair.   They will also utilize their alchemy, magic, and tactical abilities to defeat enemies in strategic struggles.

The Kickstarter effort will begin on May 2nd.   You can check out the trailer featuring Iratus below.

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