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Dynasty Warriors 9 Shipped 730,000 Copies; Koei Tecmo Predicts Growth for PS4 and Switch

Because you can see in the table below the characters show a trend year-on-year and are optimistic.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Shipped 730,000 Copies; Koei Tecmo Predicts Growth for PS4 and Switch

The writer also gives a detailed explanation of its outcomes, mentioning the Japanese home console market climbed both concerning applications and hardware. PS4 and Nintendo Switch enlarged their sales and placed themselves as the leaders of this marketplace.

Speaking of the market, electronic earnings of console games and games are currently expanding, and further expansion is expected in the long run.

With this assumption, Koei Tecmo is currently focusing on producing and developing IP.

Dynasty Warriors 9 sent  730,000 copies worldwide, whilst Attack on Titan two sent 520,000 copies.

We get a detailed outlook for the current financial year. Together with the home console market PS4, Nintendo Switch, and sales are expected to rise, while an expansion for mobile games is predicted in China.

In this business environment, with its “ World ’ s number one entertainment content supplier ” vision, focusing on client satisfaction and “ quality, the publisher intends to achieve growth and sustainability. ”

From the Entertainment Software industry, Koei Tecmo expects to launch titles out of mainstay series on the market and work in collaboration between its Japanese and overseas branches on packed games and mobile titles. They also mention that they’ll strive to enlarge IP licensing prices.

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