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Blind Squirrel Games Suffers Layoffs Following Project Cancellation

The layoffs come in the wake of a canceled project that Blind Squirrel Games was now focusing on. This endeavor was unannounced so it’s unsure whether or not it had been just another remaster of a previously released title or if it was an original creation.

A representative in Blind Squirrel Games gave an announcement to Gamasutra concerning the layoffs as well as the amount of team members that it influenced.

“Regrettably, as a result of sudden conclusion of an unannounced job, Blind Squirrel Games laid off 13 team members today — less than 10 percent of our workforce. The studio continues to operate on projects. Our hearts go out to people who were laid off, also while we’re working with our partners to see them new homes, we’re grateful for any extra help others in the business may provide. ”

As always with those unfortunate tales, our greatest goes out to people affected by the layoffs and we all wish you the very best of luck going forward.

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