Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.3 Gets Release Date and Trailer Showing Tons of New Content

Today Square Enix announced the launch date of this forthcoming Final Fantasy XIV update 4.3, titled “Under the Moonlight. ”

The upgrade will hit the live host s May 22nd, and it will bring a ton of articles, including the following:

  • New Main Scenario Quests — The Stormblood  story continues from the far-eastern property of Doma.
  • New Sidequests
  • New 24-man Alliance Raid — The second chapter of the favorite Yield to Ivalice series requires players into the Ridorana Lighthouse.
  • New Ultimate Difficulty Raid (Patch 4.31) — Players looking for the greatest challenges may test their abilities against this newest incarnation of Ultima Weapon.
  • New Deep Dungeon : Heaven-on-High (Patch 4.35) — Research the 100-floor tower within the Ruby Sea.
  • The Next Installment of The Forbidden Land, Eureka — The Pagos Expedition (Patch 4.36)
  • Cross-world Linkshells — A new linkshell chat system enables players to communicate across servers in their data centre with ease.
  • Upgrades to jobs, PvP, glamour system, home, performance actions, new powerful equipment and much more.

Looks like Yotsuyu will be featured in the story for those joys of most who love to get stepped on. This was predictable considering how the chapter in update 4.2 ended.

We also got a trailer but remember as many Final Fantasy XIV story trailers, it includes a great deal of possible spoilers, so keep that in mind before you watch the video below.

You can check out the trailer and two or three new screenshots under (both in English and Japanese, based on the terminology you prefer to play the game in).   If you wish to learn more about the upgrade, you may read our recap of the latest Letter from the Producer Live.

If you would like to read more regarding  Final Fantasy XIV, you can also enjoy our recent interview using Main Scenario Fight Writer Natsuko Ishikawa and Localization Lead John Crow and our overview of the   Stormblood  expansion.

The game is currently available for PS4 and PC, and it’s possible to grab a copy on Amazon.

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