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Sega Aims to Expand Sales of its Japanese Games in the West; Plans to Create New IPs

Since you can see from the table all of the relevant income amounts are in the black. Sadly, the results for the organization as a complete aren’t as favorable as in the prior financial year.

Sega Aims to Expand Sales of its Japanese Games in the West; Plans to Create New IPs

The media release also contained a breakdown of their functioning of the publisher’s video game industry.

“Concerning the surroundings of this Entertainment Contents Business, a downturn from the spread of smartphones in Japan and the predominance of top publishers are quickening in the marketplace for digital games for smart devices. Therefore, provision of higher-quality content is expected, causing a trend of more development lead times and greater operating costs. Meanwhile, in overseas industry, future expansion is expected largely in Asia. With respect to the packaged game computer software market, expectations have been increasing for future growth of the market as a result of penetration of hardware of video game console. In the PC games market, game distribution platforms such as Steam are expanding. ”

On the other hand, the amount of new titles launched was lower than the initial estimate.

In the packaged game program field, besides launch new titles including “SONIC MANIA” along with “SONIC FORCES” in the “SONIC” series, cumulative global sales of “Persona5″ which started overseas development in the present financial year exceeded 2,000 thousand copies. Also, through sales from previously established titles (catalogue names), revenue amounted to 17,330 thousand copies (10,280 million copies for the previous financial year). ”

The media release also cites the prognosis for the video game section of Sega’s firm. Interestingly, talking about packaged games (which in Japanese publisher lingo means console games) we hear that Sega intends to continue strengthening global releases of Japanese games and also to make brand new IPs.

“With regard to this Entertainment Contents Business, centering on the area of electronic game software, multiple new names including mainstay titles will soon be released, with the goal of further growth in adulthood.

In the packed game software field, along with further strengthening the global development of domestic names, the Group will keep on aiming for growth in profitability through producing new IPs and earnings of catalogue titles. ”

Earnings were slightly higher, but working income highlighted solid expansion. The prognosis for the present financial year reveals considerably higher sales, but slightly lower operating income.

Interestingly, the business plans to launch 22 game SKUs second year, of which 22 from the west and 9 in Japan. The main reason why the amount is significantly greater to the west is that in this sort of report distinct platforms have been counted individually, and North America and Europe frequently become additional platforms.

As stated previously, Sega sold   17,330,000 units of its games in financial year 2018, that can be considerably greater in comparison to the previous year. From the present fiscal year, they predict further growth of unit sales, which can be predicted to reach 20 million.

Sega Aims to Expand Sales of its Japanese Games in the West; Plans to Create New IPs

Lately, Sega made several interesting announcements, such as the yield of Shenmue I and II, also a brand new Sakura Taisen JRPG, and the Holy Drive Mini.

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