Wild West Online Gets a New Trailer Celebrating Its Departure from Early Access

Now, Wild West Online ultimately exits from its Early Access stage and to celebrate the event, the game’s developer has launched a new trailer.

Initially starting on Steam as the Historical Acess name, Wild West Online is created by 612 Games and  can be an open-world MMO where players are now free to explore the (virtual) Wild West and select between being a sheriff of this ‘ol Wild West or an outlaw. Though there is also the choice to become a combination of the two (the freedom to pick your own path is virtually infinite).

Along with an official launch date, the developer also announced a ton of new features would be added into  Wild West Online.   Four of these new Vital features include the following:

  • Faction Territorial War: Players can join one of both factions duking it out in a war to control the Wildwoods resources. Players will fight the opposing faction as they try and control cities and territories for their group. According to 612 Games, future expansions will permit these factions to battle for control over mines, oil heaters, and train depots.
  • Produce A Posse Or Ride Solo: Players will have the choice to ride together with their buddies throughout the land, or move rogue and explore the gigantic digital world in their noble steed. Become a champion of the west or an notorious outlaw, the decision is yours.
  • Expanded PVE Quests: Embark on various players v. surroundings quests supplied by many NPCs scattered through the land and get experience points so that you can learn new abilities, unlock new equipment, upgrade firearms and customize your avatar.
  • The Homestead Life: Maybe you need to live in this era, but you have a pacifist side. Maybe you wish to live out your (digital) life and get a ranch, customize it to your liking, then increase livestock, grow crows and search wildlife. You now can, and at the top of living that the life that is honest, you can use the resourceful abilities you learn to produce goods and alcohol available to city retailers along with other players.

It’s possible to view the new trailer under this report.   As stated previously, Wild West Online is accessible  now on PC.

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