Hunt: Showdown’s Major Update Adds New Features and Significant Changes to Gameplay

Crytek’s first-person shooter title   Hunt: Showdown has received   its first major upgrade and includes   addresses a significant quantity of modifications and bug fixesand adds brand new equipment and gameplay attributes. Oh yeah, and it offers players $4000 of in-game money for a way to apologize to players for all of the technical issues which plagued the game before.

Some notable changes delivered into the game contains five new variants for sniper weapons which range from lengthy, medium, and short-range dividers, eleven fresh outfits and twelve extra and unique characteristics, some modifications to this in-game map, tweaks to inventory slots as well as an upgraded Bloodline progression screen.

On the other hand, the greatest takeaway from this brand new update is the way the developers are aiming to cut back on camping. According to the programmer, the vast majority of players have complained a substantial amount of cyclists found in-game. Although campers will not be severely punished, the developer has noticed that the new upgrade should make it so that the game is a bit more balanced.

Hunt: Showdown is a aggressive first-person multiplayer shooter and acts as a spiritual successor to Darksiders. Set from the darkest corners of the universe, Hunt: Showdownintertwines a match-based arrangement with the delight of survival games by merging PvP and PvE elements along with match-based gameplay to give  a unique (albeit tense) experience for players.

As I mentioned several times in the article, this is a significant update, so if you would like more details about what to expect in the newest update, take a look at the complete list of patch notes or see the overview from the developers below.

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