Kazunori Yamauchi: There Are Still Things to Improve for a “Much, Much Better Gran Turismo”

Now Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted on the finals for the Nations Cup of the first Gran Turismo Sport World Tour, Also Producer Kazunori Yamauchi was in attendance.

Earlier in the contest, Yamauchi-san said that seeing the drivers in action made him feel the sense of accomplishment for all the years working on Ga

“Working on Gran Turismo within time, I always thought that without good  players, it’d never be complete. Seeing the sportsmanship, strategy, and the ability that the drivers during the past couple of days, I really feel we reached the point where Gran Turismo is eventually complete. ”

He had been asked how he felt after the podium ceremony, and he clarified that there is a lot of job to do.

“Following this first official event for Gran Turismo Sport we had a good deal of items that we needed to clear for this stage. When we decided that we’d be starting working on a new motorsport with the FIA, that was five decades ago. It took us long to get where we all’re at now. Having noticed the event, there are still matters that we need to work on and improve, but I still believe that in the end we all’re likely to have a much better Gran Turismo. ”

Yamauchi -san concluded by thanking the drivers on the podium, mentioning they’re unbelievable drivers, plus they exhibited incredible racing throughout the event.

The cup was finally won by Sicily-based Italian driver Giorgio Mangano after an extremely close race on the Moza circuit. Until the very last second, Mangano pretended to possess  the general championship win removed depending on the amount of the penalty given to Finnish driver Kimmo Kaisla to get a crash in the close of the race. Anything over three seconds could have upgraded the reputation runner-up Patrik Blaszan  causing an overtake on the overall scoreboard. The stewards decided for a three-second punishment, bringing an end to a number of dramatic minutes where nobody understood the title of the winner.

You can watch the entire stream under, and I advise to watch the last race since it had been some incredible racing. We could say that it confirms that the polarizing vision that resulted in this game to be geared towards eSports, partly abandoning the standard structure of this series.

If you are thinking, you can grab a copy on Amazon. If you would like to see more, then you can take a look at the latest trailer featuring the update that arrived a month.

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