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Blade Strangers Looks Super Fun in Five Minutes of New Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Today, through a panel  in Bitsummit hosted in the Miyako Messe place in Kyoto, Nicalis presented some brand new gameplay of Studio Saizensen upcoming fighting game Blade Strangers.  

The game has been played live on stage Nintendo Switch in docked mode using pro controllers.

The very first match you’ll watch below pitched Shovel Knight from Emiko out of  Umihara Kawase, although the second game sees Shovel Knight in action again, but this time against Curly from Cave Story.  

Blade Strangers is a crossover fighting game combining characters from Studio Saizensen games with more from Nicalis names, and a number of guests from the indie scene.

I must say, as notoriously awful as I am at fighting games, this looks like a ton of fun. Also, the animated intro introduced yesterday is actually, really badass, also I truly enjoyed Code of Princess, so that’s a bonus for me.

Blade Strangers will launch this summer for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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