Check Out This Kickstarter Campaign for Explorational Puzzle Game Tala

Yesterday, game artist and animator Matt Petrak relaunched a Kickstarter campaign for Tala, a puzzle point-and-click game which combines traditional animation techniques using nature photography that Petrak took himself. In its very first day, the game has raised over $3,000 of its own $11,3111 target.

Tala is all about a forest spirit who hasn’t found her spot at the woodland she takes home.   Whenever the Town Guardian is away to seek out food for the upcoming wintermonths, Tala is responsible for creating sure that the townsfolk remain out of trouble. However, if the Town Guardian becomes stranded, it’s up to Tala to ensure that he gets back before winter.

Petrak founded The Garden Well, a microgame studio, back in late 2017 in order to bring the  passion project   to life.   The very first Kickstarter campaign was $5,000 beneath its purpose, so Petrak is wanting yet another time to create this game a reality. When  the indie game has met its goal, the present plan is to release it in 3 phases for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Check out the relaunch preview below.   Should you’re interested in the game, you may download this short demo on itch.io.   Tala’s Kickstarter effort will last until June 11th, 2018, therefore don’t be bashful about backing the up-and-comer.

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