Crossover Puzzle-Fighting Game Crystal Crisis for Nintendo Switch Gets New Gameplay Footage

Now, through a panel  at Bitsummit held in the Miyako Messe place in Kyoto, publisher Nicalis and developer Pikii introduced their forthcoming puzzle fighting game Crystal Crisis.

Crystal Crisis is an color-matching puzzle game that contains characters from many indie games and crosses them against popular figures from Tatsunoko Productions like the aforementioned Atom and Black Jack.

The game definitely looks cutesy, just as you’d expect from a game of the genre, also anything with Dark Jack is good by my book. It’ll be fascinating to see how it’s’ll shape up from here for its launch later this year

You may check  the movie out below. If you wish to find out more, it is also possible to take pleasure in the first statement using a trailer and screenshots.

Crystal Crisis will launch Nintendo Switch this fall.

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