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Developer Eidos Montréal Confirms that “Deus Ex is Not Dead”

Developer Eidos Montréal  has been busy to say the very least. With   Shadow of the Tomb Raider set to be published later this year on September 14th and co-developing an   Avengers  project together with Crystal Dynamics, many lovers of the   Deus Ex series are wondering whether or not there will be another addition to this cyberpunk series. Luckily, Eidos Montréal’s Head of Studio David Anfossi has put those worries to rest and stated, “Deus Ex isn’t dead, I confirm that. ”

On Friday, Eidos Montréal’s Twitter page tweeted that this reaction from Section of an interview Anfossi failed together with PCGamesN:

As for the third game Eidos Montréal has in evolution, some fans have theorized that it’s another game set in the Marvel Universe, possibly according to Guardians of the Galaxy. One thing it won’t be, nevertheless, is just another  Thief game. Anfossi was clear in denying any rumors surrounding the growth of a fifth Thief game. He added that if they are a major studio, they need “to concentrate on items we do and get it done properly. ” Anfossi denied that a fifth Thief game last year also.  

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