PlatinumGames Working on a Top-Secret Game that will “Turn the Action Genre on its Head”

Now, Throughout a panel in Bitsummit hosted at the Miyako Messe Place in Kyoto, PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya along with Atsushi Inaba Spoke about several interesting topics about the studio.

Asked about their preferred game titles, Inaba-san clarified that he likes games with really in-depth stories. In regards to hardcore actions games, they’re at the minority of games he enjoys. Kamiya-san explained that plenty of people believe that he likes only activity games, but whether they’re action games, shooters, or adventure games, it doesn’t thing. He just likes games generally.

In accordance with Kamiya-san, the secret to creating ideal combos for action games is mostly about allowing the player getting the character and cause them to feel as though they’re doing very cool moves, and also being accountable for the character actually makes them feel good.

According to Inaba-san, people believe that PlatinumGames make excellent combo-action games. However, that’s actually not their goal, since they don’t really have things such as meetings to decide the perfect combos. It just comes naturally. Kamiya-san added that it’s exactly the same about earning action games. Many think that PlatinumGames is a studio devoted to making action games, but they simply set out to make the games they like, and they organically become exactly what lots of gamers enjoy. Despite the fact that there is a small discrepancy between what people think they do and what they truly do, it still’s nevertheless “a nice misconception,” because it ends in a great deal of folks liking PlatinumGames for your combos and activity into their games, and it will help motivate them as founders, even if it’s not intentional. They only need to create fun games.

Inaba-san then clarified that when he saw the emblem of Bitsummit Volume 6, it informed him of The Wonderful 101, that was the sixth game that PlatinumGames was working on in the way that they number their endeavors chronologically. He remembers how fine it was to operate on that. ” Nevertheless, the developers love that game, therefore it would be awesome to be able to launch it on Nintendo Switch.

Kamiya-san then asked the audience “in case the Wonderful 101 came outside Switch, would you play with it? ” and there were quite a lot of favorable answers.

Inaba-san has been asked how they stay competitive against western games and their large budgets. It’s so large that a studio can go bankrupt while still selling hundreds of copies. PlatinumGames prefers to possess a variety of different budgets and content including some self-published games. Here is the safest way for them to stay competitive and still keep their Platinum style intact.

Kamiya-san added that it’s not really about the cash, since you can spend a lot of money and come up with a very crappy film including Pacific Rim 2 (he included that Inaba-san left him say this, and they laughed and explained that it really is a crappy film). Just because you have a great deal of money, it doesn’t mean that you’re planning to make a good game. As a creator, sometimes you ought to produce modest games, sometimes you need to produce enormous games, but none this is about funding, however it’s about making the game which you would like to make. If you’re able to accomplish this, then that’s the most crucial thing.

Kamiya-san is currently working on Bayonetta 3, plus that he’s very excited to provide more information about it in the future. Inaba-san clarified that there’s a lot of rather interesting games that the studio is currently working on, but one of these is still an unannounced title that is probably going to be anything new and revolutionary that individuals have never noticed before, and it’ll “flip the action genre on its head. ” It’s a top-secret game that lots of individuals at PlatinumGames don’t know about.

He concluded mentioning that in PlatinumGames they want to keep being creative and original. Seeing all the indie games in BitSummit inspires them to continue to compete and also to get a hungry mindset and keep on using their invention.

If you wish to read more about Bayonetta 3, you can take a look at Kamiya-san’s remarks from February. If you’re more enthusiastic about  The Wonderful 101, you may enjoy our review of this Wii U version.

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