Université Laval Wins 2018 Heroes of the Dorm National Championship

Laval is the very first Canadian school to win at the Heroes of the Dorm championship, every bringing the championship back to their school, as well as covering their own tuition. They also swept the contest, not losing a single game in each of their series against the University of Kentucky and at the Grand Finals against the underdog, University at Buffalo.

After achieving such a feat, Team Captain Jérome “Earth” Levesque said, “for decades, it was just a US team, not one Candian team at the top four, and then we just won Dorm, not only the best four. It had been an Wonderful Heroes of the Dorm”

Throughout the entirety of the championship, Université Laval was a favored to acquire as the number two seed. It definitely showed in their play as they stuck together with the expert Heroes of the Storm meta rather than some of the crazier compositions such as the Cho’gall appearance from Cal Poly.

If you would like to see more about Heroes of the Dorm, you can check out several pictures of the Blizzard Arena. There will be more on the road so check back on the site soon.

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