Hearthstone Receiving Balance Changes After HCT Playoffs

Naga Sea Witch will now charge 8 mana rather than 5. The shift is made due to its ability to easily synergize with cost reduction impacts on giants reducing their mana to 0 pretty early in the game. Growing the mana cost to 8 will continue to keep its current performance but will be seen later in the game once the opponent might have the tools to combat it.

Spiteful Summoner receives an increase in mana. When this card has been coupled with decks utilizing 10 mana charge cards, then you also’re ready to put in some strong and helpful minions for a rather small price. Although players who do try to implement Spiteful Summoner efficiently do so at the cost of earning a somewhat undependable deck, the mana cost increase is more representative of those possibilities that can happen when using it.

Dark Pact will restore 4 health to a hero rather than 8 when it destroys a friendly minion. The mana cost is still at 1 so that these combos can still happen but Warlock users will finally have to be much conscious of how they implement Dark Pact.

Possessed Lackey will now have a mana cost of 6 instead of 5. Similarly to a number of the cards combos for this card are small too tough to overcome in the early to mid phases of a match. Raising the mana cost should allow the opposition a chance to counter it.

From the current meta Paladin is one of the most powerful decks; for portability, Even Paladin decks only use cards that have a mana cost of an even number. This card is especially helpful as it has the capability to muster three 2 mana minions. By making it cost 5 mana, not only are you limiting it from Even Paladin decks but today it just has access to 1 mana cards if used within an Odd Paladin deck.

Lastly, The Caverns Below quest reward, Crystal Core, will now change your minions into 4/4 rather than 5/5. The shift is being made due to Quest Rogue decks effectiveness towards most non-aggressive decks. Decreasing the assault and health will make it more manageable for slower decks.

In other Hearthstone related information, the game’s manager Ben Brode announced he’ll be leaving Blizzard Entertainment after being with the firm for more than 15 decades. You are able to take a look at our interview using Brode as we talk about how the game’s newest growth, The Witchwood.

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