Nintendo Switch Getting Drum Controller for Taiko Drum Master

Following the announcement of the Japanese Launch date of Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch ~ Jon!   To get Nintendo’s hybrid console, Hori created an announcement of its own.

The accessory manufacturer will launch a drum control for the Switch similar to the one released a while back for PS4, but it’ll be made better in sensitivity based on user comments.

Two slots have also been included to allow you to slide two 500 ml bottles filled with water into the base to be able to weigh the controller down and enhance stability.

Up to two players may use two distinct controllers at precisely the same time, but naturally, they lack the sticks, movement detectors, the IR camera, HD Rumble, and some other goodies that aren’t needed to play Taiko Drum Master.

The control weighs about 860 grams by itself and joins to the Switch through USB with a 2 meters-long cable.

It’ll cost ¥ 6,980 yen plus taxation, also it’ll release in Japan day and date using the game on July 19th. Like for your game, there is not any statement of a launch for now.

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