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Closed Nightmare for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Gets Creepy New Screenshots

We get to fulfill with three personalities, Jun Yagi, Eito Ginjiyou, and also a mysterious masked madman who wanders the hallways of the mansion with a bloody knife, prepared to strike.

The game even offers a “character list” menu that lets the player consults info on the cast, that will evolve as the story progresses. Another menu lets you consult with the handwritten notes which you found in the mansion.

The mansion appears to some place where magical experiments have been conducted, and the player will find traces of these throughout the place. The location also seems to be infested with evil spirits.

While the protagonist dropped her memories, at certain points she will observe flashbacks and fragments of her past. Another intriguing element is that a recording from an automobile driven by Jun Yagi. A few clues may be included by it.

You may take a look at the screenshots below. If you wish to find out more, you can also like a classic gallery  along with a trailer.

No western release was declared for now.

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