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The Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Revealed Quite a Few Details: WWII Setting, Tickets and More

Today DICE along with Electronic Arts introduced a small teaser trailer to the upcoming Battlefield V, plus it arrived with some sound hints on several elements of the game.

First of all among the most visible components can be found from the flags on peak of the frame. The British Union Jack flag doesn’t say much, however the German Iron Cross is definitely an indication of a World War II setting.

The clincher is in the goggles worn by the character displayed.

You are able to see a few images below (courtesy of Soldier of Fortune). The nose bridge and reinforcements under the lens framework are unmistakable. So yes, the rumors have been true: Battlefield V will be put in World War II, along with also the Western front will at least seem, even when we don’t know whether it’ll be the only one.

The mode portrayed appears to be Conquest, but there’s an interesting detail: that the ticket count is going down, even contrary to Battlefield 1, in which it counts up.

In addition, we see the capacity to have other squad members spawn on the player, which offers score. On the bottom left there’s the squad record which counts four players , even if we don’t understand if this’s the actual maximum squad count (like at Battlefield Bad Company, its sequel, and   Battlefield 3) or even the squad simply isn’t complete. There certainly appear to be space in the UI for a fifth manhood including in Battlefield 4 and   Battlefield 1.  

Last but not least, a “defend” arrangement is visible over the squad list. The minimap appears quite empty, but this might simply because the spectacle can be staged.

Incidentally, the more Twitter version of this movie comprises an Xbox One emblem, which could indicate a marketing deal with Microsoft.

We’re likely to know more about Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern Time, when the game will soon be completely shown.

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