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Maingear’s Custom Nintendo Switch Dockable PC is a Fantastically Outrageous Gimmick

Outside of terrific hardware builds, Maingear is famous for something else: crazy brand marketing. For example, hiring deadmau5 as your financial adviser is probably ill-advised. But, even the minds at Maingear raised the bar with a customized creation of this F131 build.

Seen from the video below, the F131 1ofOne certainly matches a Super Mario theme using the game’s signature font and an overall-tinted case. On the vulnerable side, we see lighting and components which do Rainbow Road justice. Especially, the build uses a first of its own type (sort of) RGB cooling system that seems amazing.

But overlook ’t get diverted from the RGB. The distinction is that the Nintendo Switch interface to stream games. In the movie below, you can observe users start playing on-screen and simply plug the Nintendo hardware in. Just how much of that is YouTube Tracking magic? We’ll never understand.

On top of this, the build isn’t simply gimmicks. Instead, the Maingear F131 1ofONE (such as the standard construct ) provides a huge amount of electricity under the hood).

If you were expecting to grab one of these consoles, you’re out of luck. As its name suggests , the custom construct is “one-of-one” plus portion of a rig struggle being maintained by Intel. While someone could technically win by taking part in their own Twitter contest, you won’t even find the game on store shelves.

On a unrelated note, Maingear is presently searching for investors. Utilizing the crowd-funding platform NetCapital, the business is now valued at $25M. After a few crowdfunding, the hardware maker has increased over $350K in capital to date — surpassing the $10K minimum.

When it is for a competition or drum PR for your equity offering, the F131 1ofONE is a outrageous gimmick. And as a Nintendo Switch proprietor, it is something I want in my group. Naturally, it is possible to simply catch a Nintendo Switch from Amazon and give up the fantasy. Meanwhile, check out the videos below showcasing the build in actions:

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