Nintendo Announces Super Mario Party Will Have Online Mode Called “Online Mario-thon”

It goes without saying that Nintendo’s online infrastructure leaves much to be wanted. However, since behind as Nintendo may be, it will seem to be making baby steps in the perfect direction. With the introduction of Fortnite, Nintendo has (eventually ) permitted native voice conversation on the Switch without using a cell phone. In addition, Nintendo has increasingly been encouraging more and more games with post-launch articles, most notably, Arms along with Splatoon 2. These little steps have started to add up as today Nintendo announced that the upcoming title Super Mario Party will also have online performance.

This announcement is one of several Nintendo has created this week through its Nintendo Treehouse Live festivities. According to the statement (which can be viewed here thanks to Twitch consumer Alfrottos), Super Mario Party’s Online Mario-thon won’t be an entire game of Mario Party, rather, five star minigames. Competing against friends or strangers online, players may face-off against you to find out who’s out on top in everything appears like a match. These five mini-games will continually be swapped out of their rotation, but Nintendo has not revealed how often that this shift will occur.

Furthermore, Nintendo announced the upcoming title will also include leaderboards, a ranking system, and benefits. Seeing as a vast majority of Mario Party‘so fun is derived from its (often heartless) PvP matches that occur in living rooms, so it’s uncertain how much mileage anyone will truly get out of those improvements. That said it’s nice to see Nintendo contain these features, and more to the point, I’m one hundred percent prepared to duke it out online in the comfort of my bed.

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