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After Playing Anthem, BioWare Has Squashed My Concerns With Its Gameplay

BioWare was known for its storytelling.

Save for your Mass Effect series, combat in many of the titles hasn’t really been really engaging: never have I believed I had been in full control of a struggle, relying more on my stats than my combat abilities. In E3 2018 nevertheless, we played the demonstration that shut the EA Play media conference for your studio’s next project, Anthem, so it isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before. But if you were like me and were worried about how well the game played, I’m happy to tell you that you can rest easy, since Anthem‘s gameplay would be the very best that BioWare has ever crafted.

Should you’re familiar with the battle from Mass Effect 2 onward, you then ’ll feel at home with the upcoming action RPG. The “Javelin” our Freelancer utilized — the phrases used for Anthem‘s exo-suits and the role you perform, respectively — has been that the Ranger, the very versatile and well-rounded of their four suits. It’s also the most traditional; the Ranger comes with an automatic rifle, a few of secondary skills, and a super that shoots a barrage of missiles towards a locked-on target.


It controls equally, with the two special abilities assigned to the bumpers and the “super” capability initiated by pressing on the 2 bumpers concurrently as soon as the meter is complete. If you would like to witness the most visually stimulating and gratifying thing Anthem offers, you can perform combos; those are performed using a series of secondary abilities or with the other Freelancer. Implementing these moves will not only do lots of damage, however, the word “combo” will be displayed in bold yellow text. It’s a simple touch, but it leaves the player utilize everything in their arsenal.

So far as gameplay is concerned, Anthem is exceptional. The controls are extremely intuitive; within five minutes of our demo, I became familiar with the basics of movement and combat. It isn’t even a surprise how trendy it all looks, but also how it functions together with the battle. All you can do on the floor can be done in-air, providing you a slew of angles to handle whatever enemy you’re facing. The very best things is the fact that it promotes strategy; perhaps you’ve got a Freelancer sporting the heavily armored Colossus Javelin playing a tank job and gaining aggro in the enemy, while a Ranger Javelin can look because of its flaws and focus their fire on those points.


The flying and hovering feel great as well. It is possible to ’t fly or hover for long distances due to overheating, which can be suggested with a tube under your Freelancer, however you need enough time for to each bit of action before you overheat and are made to take your battle to the floor. Overheating didn’t seem to be a problem when underwater, and it is a great design choice that permits you to traverse for lengthier periods of time. Aerial motion felt natural and tight because I had been traversing the surroundings or trying to flank an enemy: the only problem I had was remembering that button was to fly or float, but that could be resolved with a couple more minutes of play time.

Some of these features wouldn’t be nearly as great if it weren’t for its audio design. For anyone who watched me playing the game, I could not stop double-jumping because the sound of the propulsion jet attached to a lawsuit seems amazing. That notion is also true of the many weapons and other noises the Javelin makes: it frees me in a sense I wasn’t really expecting.


It may not be a surprise since most have seen it for themselves since the gameplay reveal at EA Play, however Anthem also looks fantastic. But viewing a YouTube video of the game in action doesn’t do it as much justice as playing it on your own; by the exo-suits into the leaves covering the environment, it’s very stunning. The 1 drawback I found was the area that the demonstration took place in was fairly small and linear, that is a bit disappointing considering the scope of some of BioWare’s other names: it didn’t feel like I could really explore the space I had been in. Clearly they revealed a little portion that had a specific task to finish, but there wasn’t a stage where I felt as though I had been in an open world.

Even though the gameplay exceeded my expectations, it is the story that I am a little more worried about. In case Anthem brings a narrative that’s, at the very least, well-told, then Anthem is going to be a hit when it releases PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22nd, 2019.

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