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Battlefield V — DICE Explains Why They’re Doing Battle Royale; “Super-Happy” About Lack of Paid DLC

Electronic Arts made two announcements during the Battlefield V show. One was that the Battle Royale mode, and another was the lack of paid DLC apart from cosmetics.

Speaking of this Battle Royale mode, which will come post-launch, Gustavsson clarified it’s too premature to talk about variety of players and dimensions because the mode remains in the making and the team is focusing on launch. That said, he clarified why the group decided to roam through the Battle Royale route.

“That it can be exceptional is probably what triggered our interest to begin with. We were kind of inspired by what we played lots of discussions at the about “we should… We should. We’ve got a lot of in our Battlefield sandbox that will be a fantastic fit for it. This ’so where the conversations started, and it resulted in the statement ”

Gustavvson also assured the adoption of a Battle Royale mode won’t influence the traditional experience:

“It is super-exciting and for us, Battlefield can perform so much. Doing Royale doesn’t mean that the traditional experience or at which we push disappears. Grand Operations will be present. The complete experience where players can play together and not divided from the pass. We wish to take players on that journey throughout the war. ”

We also hear that this team has been “Super-happy” regarding the lack of DLC, that will keep the community collectively

“We’ve got so many people who have assembled a few of our best maps. Usuallywe build a game using a mindset and what, and then when we do post-launch we know from that, and let me “go deep” with this or that. It’s been sort of sad to find we’ve quieted our community through the last few years and some times those experiences harbor ’t gotten all the love they deserve. So ’s why the team is super-happy to do this. ”

If you wish to see more of Battlefield V, you can check out a current gameplay preview , and a movie trailer for the War Stories, on top of some recent screenshots.

Battlefield V will release on October 19th for both Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

[interview: Logan Moore]

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