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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ PC Update 15 is Adding the Sanhok Map, New Weapon, and More

Even though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been available for some time, the Battle Royale phenomenon has only continued to grow with new upgrades and features added regularly, and the game’s next major update will also include its long-awaited next map.

Over on the game’s Steam Community webpage, programmer PUBG Corps has revealed the patch notes to the PC variant ’s upgrade #15, which will bring over the brand new Sanhok map, which was accessible testing for several weeks, over to the live server.

Along with the new map, the patch itself also covers a great deal of other ground so far as brand new items, features, and updates. Specifically, the update features a brand new weapon exclusive to the Sanhok map from the QBZ95, also a fresh assault rifle that is supposed to take the place of this SCAR-L.

The upgrade itself will likely be rolling out later this week, according to PUBG Corp, with an expected launch date of June 22nd, 2018. Until its official release later this week, the Sanhok map will soon be accessible from the game’s test server to test out about PC, also.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available today on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. For a closer look at the upcoming changes and additions coming from Update 15 on PC, you also can read the Entire patch notes below, along with several new images and a few videos:

New Map: Sanhok

Added a brand new map: Sanhok (pronounced”sah-nok”)

  • Sanhok is 4km x 4km map (one fourth the magnitude of Erangel or Miramar). Although games tend to end a bit more fast on this small island, battles continue to be massive. Every game still features 100 players.
  • Certain settings have been customized especially for Sanhok to better fit its unique design.
  • Performance
    • Faraway players and automobiles are not rendered the exact same way on Sanhok, resulting in certain server performance enhancements.
  • Gameplay
    • Weather in Sanhok changes .
    • Players can throw apples while waiting to board the airplane in the in-game lobby.
  • Redzone
    • The redzone is smaller and shorter-lasting on Sanhok.
    • The center of the redzone appears outside of the playzone (the white circle). This means players are far more at risk when out of the playzone.
  • Bluezone
    • Bluezone on Sanhok has shorter waiting periods and more travel times.
    • The bluezone can also be dynamic. It assesses remaining player numbers before picking the next ring, adjusting the waiting time and travel time so (this doesn’t impact circle dimensions ).
  • Spawn Balance
    • The item spawn rules are customized Sanhok to get you armed for battle quicker.
      • ARs, SMGs, and DMRs are more frequently. The entire item spawn rate was increased 5 percent in comparison to that found in the fourth round Sanhok testing.
      • 8x stoves and 15x scopes don’t spawn on Sanhok. But, they might still be obtained from maintenance packages.
  • We have optimized how servers manage many nearby items to improve performance. This includes optimizations such as:
    • Characters models
    • Vehicles
    • Weapons


Additional advertisement banner ads for PGI (PUBG Global Invitational) to billboards, buildings, and the default parachute skin on Erangel and Miramar

  • The Bengal Tiger parachute epidermis is unchanged and if armed will replace the skin


  • Added the QBZ95, a Sanhok-exclusive weapon
    • The QBZ is an AR that uses 5.56Millimeter rounds. It may hold 30 rounds per magazine, also can be expanded for 40 rounds.
    • The QBZ replaces the SCAR-L at Sanhok’s item spawn pool (meaning the SCAR-L no more spawns on Sanhok). The QBZ95 spawns about 1.4x as often since the SCAR-L utilized to spawn on Sanhok.


      • Accuracy modifiers applied out of moving, altering movement stances or planning styles are no longer applied immediately.
        • This implies that for instance, when aiming down the sight, why you won’t get the complete accuracy improvements from ADS before your sights are all also well aligned.
      • The winning player or group is now given approximately 8 minutes to observe their success before the game ends and results will be displayed.
        • Spectators can also see the winning player or staff observe.


          With three channels now in the game, you’ll choose between two”playlists” rather than 2 maps.

          • The Battle Royale playlist contains both Erangel and Miramar. Choosing it will drop you into one of those two.
          • The Mini Royale playlist contains only Sanhok for today.
          • Select both playlists to be randomly dropped into one of those 3 maps currently in the game.
          • Several game UI elements are updated
            • The buddy list UI has been updated
            • Leaderboard and Replay UI has been improved
            • Pop ups in the reception and game sessions are visually enhanced.
            • Pop up window showing matchmaking status was improved
            • In-game UI components like stock, map, results window have been improved
          • Improved the in-game minimap
            • The miniature map today dynamically zooms in or out based on the personality ’s motion rate, improving your ability to find out what’s about you.
              • The ‘Minimap Dynamic Zoom’ option can be flipped on/off from the options menu.
            • The minimap can now be enlarged
              • Minimap expansion can be toggled on/off using the ‘N’ key
            • To increase visibility of the Blue Zone from the map, regions under the Blue Zone are now colored blue
          • The Blue Zone index bar located over the minimap was enhanced
          • Added universal extent sensitivity setting, with the ability to separately set scope sensitivities if desired.
            • Sensitivity degrees today use correctly for scopes with a zoom.
          • A new option to adjust crosshair colour utilizing RGBA values was added under the options menu
          • The loading display was modified to exhibit game-related tips
          • Plane engine sound volume when beginning the game has been diminished
          • The volume of sounds made by bodies of water (oceans, rivers) was diminished
          • Care package plane’s quantity attenuation curve is now steeper. This usually means the distance in which the plane can be observed is the same, but the distance where the plane’s highest sound can be heard has been decreased
          • The noise effect made when throwables impact water has been improved
          • All weapon sounds have been remastered for greater quality
            • excess increase effect in low frequency range was adjusted.
          • Aviator crate is now contained in weekly arbitrary crates, its drop rate has been updated.
            • Aviator: 20%
            • Eguinox: 15 percent
            • Triumph: 10%
            • Raider: 15 percent
            • Fever: 2.5percent
            • Militia: 15%
            • Biker: 10%
            • Desperado: 2.5%
            • Survivor: 5%
            • Wander: 5 percent
          • We have improved visual effects if bullets strike water or ground
          • The dab effect shown when throwables impact water has been made more realistic.
          Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where characters have stuck in certain areas of Erangel and Miramar

    Removed several objects from Erangel and Miramar which blocked movement

    Fixed an issue where particular crops in Miramar were drifting above the ground

    Fixed a problem where the noise when using an adrenaline syringe was more than the related animation

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Mirado from taking damage from grenades.

    Fixed a problem where players inside vehicles didn’t take harm from unarmed melee attacks

  • Fixed a problem where grenade status impacts (flash, or burning) would not vanish after their intended duration.

    Fixed an issue with pistol recoil animations not being played properly in ADS after exiting a car.

  • Fixed a problem where parts of the sidecar’s wheel had been missing when the tire was ruined.

  • Increased the vaulting interaction between several objects and windows.

    Fixed a problem when spectating or viewing replays where parts of weapons could disappear in some specific scenarios (only weapons with high scope-mounting positions).

    Fixed an issue where falling a weapon promptly after firing abruptly stopped the sound effect.

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