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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s New Video Shows How Bungie Created the Bow

A couple weeks back, Bungie revealed that their newest expansion for Destiny 2 qualified Forsaken will be launching later this season in September. Of the improvements within this add-on content, a brand new bow weapon was revealed that lots of fans had been requesting for quite some time.

At a recent movie, Bungie discussed the process how hard it had been for the group and also behind building the bow. Many of the developers at Bungie went hands-on with bows at shooting ranges and also took notice of how the weapon sensed in their hands since they shot at it. Priding themselves on the gunplay they’ve made in Destiny 2, they then tried their best to mimic the feeling of shooting with an arrow in real life in comparison to what they then put in the game.

Bungie’so Greg Peng discusses at the video the way he believed that the bow was too powerful the entire time they had been developing it to the game but it was this exciting weapon due to how new it sensed. Another programmer also warns that exotic versions of the bow could have surprises in store for fans who earn it Forsaken releases.

It is possible to discover this brand new video all about creating the bow for Destiny 2: Forsaken in the base of the webpage.  Forsaken is due out later this season on September 4 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At present, the base version of the game together with its first two expansions can be found exactly the same platforms.

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