Hidetaka Miyazaki Discusses FromSoftware’s New PlayStation VR Game Déraciné

One of the more astonishing PlayStation-related statements in the last week has been Déraciné, a new adventure game for PlayStation VR from FromSoftware, that are best known for their work within the Dark Souls series. Today, a meeting with Hidetaka Miyazaki of FromSoftware premiered on PlayStation Blog, where he shows more about the game.

During the interview, Miyazaki-san explained the studio needed to expand to VR, but wanted to tackle an adventure game that called by to FromSoftware’s roots:

“Firstly, as a programmer, we knew we needed to be up to speed with what was happening from the VR space.  We’re Searching for a Chance to work on a job that would bring is into the fold…

As we were starting to wrap up Bloodborne and Dark Souls III we’re clearly looking at what might come , but in precisely the identical time we were looking at what we’d done previously. We really released a lot of adventure games before our more recent standing for action titles. As an instance, we released one called Echo Night.

We didn’t want to only bring that back, but in precisely exactly the identical time we knew that we had heritage in adventure games.  So giving us the opportunity to begin having an inner conversation about what we could do within that speech, while at the identical time studying VR — and also the 2 ideas meshed well. ”

When asked what Déraciné, a name with a more peaceful and relaxing tone, had in common with names such as Bloodborne along with Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki mentioned the game’s storytelling, air, and feeling of mystery:

“How we tell the story — the fragmented storytelling way we take.  Another issue is the quiet calmness which may evoke a particular mood that is particular to FromSoftware games.  There’s also an awareness of beauty I think is common during our games, though the manner that attractiveness can be expressed can be quite different.  This is perhaps a sense of mystery that’s rather unique but maybe executed in a similar approach to other of the games. ”

Additionally, this meeting also finally demonstrated why FromSoftware, along with Miyazaki-san himself, adore putting more fragmented or subtle storytelling into their games, such as Déraciné:

“It is a complete true fact this is the methodology I take in telling stories in our games.  It’s a strategy that I love.  I think it is rooted in my own life experience.  If I was a child I was reading books which were likely meant for a mature age category. They were books which were very difficult for me to understand.

Should I read the novel I probably didn’t know some of the words or theories and the meanings. However, the work that I needed to do — for example leaving some of this story up to my creativity, or moving back to read things again after when I had greater comprehension — that’s a procedure which has had a huge influence on what I do now.

I feel like you can have’simple’ books that you can read all of the time but once in a while I feel like you need to feed yourself something a bit more challenging,which provides you a feeling of pleasure and fun when you’re able to understand it.  That is the strategy I like to take — to ensure there’s that sense of delight in knowing what is being told. ”

If you wish to see more regarding the game, then you can take a look at some recently published screenshots and its first trailerDéraciné is presently poised to strike PlayStation VR later this season.

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