Objects in Space is Now Available in Early Access on Steam

On Thursday, writer 505 Games published a trailer declaring that Objects in Space is now available in early access on Steam.  Produced by Flat Earth Games, Objects in Space is an 2D open-world stealth game established in Apollo, a enormous bunch of star systems far away from Earth. The game uses.

Players take on the role of a boat captain, buying and selling wares so as to maintain their ships afloat because they attempt to stay 1 step ahead of pirates, organized criminals, corrupt authorities, and unethical legislation. What makes this open-world game different is it is time-based. Objects in Space takes place within the span of 3 weeks, but players are not bound to some major storyline. They could stick to a variety of short tales. The amount of narrative a player wishes to involve in their campaign is based on their choices meaning that they can fly into battle or find ways to avoid it completely.

You may check out the trailer below. 

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