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Enter the Gungeon’s Massive New Expansion is Arriving Next Week for Free

Now, Dodge Roll Games announced its massive new expansion for Enter the Gungeon is eventually slated to arrive next week. Best of all, this upgrade will be free.

Dodge Roll shown earlier this month this growth, branded Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, was submitted for certification to one console stage. Now, they have verified that the upgrade is prepared to release and will launch Thursday, July 19, impending certification acceptance on unspecified platforms. This means that there’s no ’s a possibility that the upgrade may still roll out a bit later on specific platforms.

As for what will be included in Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, Dodge Roll said on Twitter it may boast, “hundreds of new rooms with dozens of new weapons, enemies, items, and ammo types.  Hundreds of crazy synergies. More generous drops prices. Slide over coffins and tables. Plenty more…”

Currently, Enter the Gungeon can be found on nearly every significant stage — Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. We’ll have to wait and watch if Advanced Gungeons & Draguns becomes postponed on any other platforms but clearly, Dodge Roll felt sure in this date that they don’t automatically expect it to be an problem.

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