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FMV Game The Shapeshifting Detective Announced by Wales Interactive

Wales Interactive, a publisher known for FMV games such as The Bunker, launched another FMV game today: The Shapeshifting Detective.

The Shapeshifting Detective is a supernatural murder mystery that’s players exploring the murder of Dorta Shaw. To be able to discover the killer, players must shape-shift into up to nine unique characters to learn which of three tarot card readers would be guilty. Even the murderer is as well, which should help with replayability and decrease spoilers.

According to programmers, The Shapeshifting Detective comprises over 1600 FMV videos rendered in total HD, in addition to multiple places to spice things up. The game also includes a branching storyline, so players won’t be seeing exactly the identical FMV videos each time through the game. Even the shape-shifting mechanic is absolutely a brand new an special feature for an FMV game, so I am curious to see how much Steel ’Avekki Studios takes advantage of it in the final product.

You may check out the game’s announcement trailer and screenshots below. The Shapeshifting Detective is currently poised to reach PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch throughout Q4 2018.

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