Nathan Fillion Details How He Got Involved With the Uncharted Fan Film; Says He is Not Playing Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken

After several teases a week by celebrity Nathan Fillion having to do with the Uncharted series, today we watched the consequence being a brilliantly-made enthusiast film starring Fillion as the series’ protagonist Nathan Drake, along with new details have came from Fillion how it all happened, combined with what’s in store for him along with his lover favorite Destiny 2 character, Cayde-6.

Especially, Fillion shared that the path to creating the brief film began with a meeting with the film’s producer, Alex Lebovici, many years back who then finally introduced Fillion into its manager, Allan Ungar. Ungar revealed himself as a “passionate” enthusiast of Uncharted based on Fillion, and after meeting Ungar before this year, the team gathered in May to take and produce the 14-minute short film.

Notably, the fan movie wasn’t produced in any type of official capacity using Sony or Naughty Dog, as a Uncharted movie adaptation has been under various kinds of development for quite some time.

But, Fillion explained throughout the interview while previous attempts in an Uncharted feature movie have been ongoing for nearly a decade, finally he, Ungar, and the rest of the short movie ’s creative team “wanted to scratch the itch” at bringing Uncharted into the huge screen (in some manner ), since Fillion has been a popular choice among lovers for a time to play Nathan Drake.

Together with the fan film having been published, he stated that “our goal has been achieved” and that “if something comes from that, that’s just icing on the cake, even ” as far as though developments on the actual feature film proceed further. Fillion said that “when Sony would like to make a film and they want me to be in it, they know my number and they can give me a ring, even ” but also added that he is “super duper excited to see what Sony has in store” for your Uncharted movie and seeing what becomes of it.

Alongside speaking about the Uncharted fan film, Fillion also detailed a bit more on Destiny 2: Forsaken, awarded the surprise that his long-running Destiny series personality, Cayde-6, was killed during the reveal trailer for the growth at E3 2018. As far as the character himself goes, Fillion confirmed that he didn’t play Cayde-6 because he was “unavailable” to play the role in the trailer; rather, it was disclosed that Cayde-6 is played with Nolan North at the upcoming growth.

This falls according to how Bungie has made it crystal very clear that Cayde-6 is truly dead at the upcoming expansion, although interestingly Fillion doesn’t even believe that the character might be lifeless. However, Fillion just stated that he “absolutely [loves]” the character, and then we now ’ll need to wait till September when Destiny 2: Forsaken releases to see what really goes ahead for the destiny of Cayde-6.

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