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Nightdive Studios Shares More Progress of the System Shock Reboot

Nightdive Studios, the developer behind the System Shock remake, has shared an upgrade for the month of July that contains some screenshots and news about soon being able to research the Citadel in the game.

In the upgrade, Nightdive claims they’re operating on a big landmark for September that they’re calling the “Adventure Alpha”, since backers will have the ability to investigate the Citadel freely without enemies, pick up items, listen to music logs, read mails, and finish the game’s objectives, exactly like the original game with the difficulty set to zero.

Some screenshots have been shared, and Nightdive stated that they had been hoping to have each of the amounts blocked from the September deadline but managed to use textures from the original System Shock that were altered to benefit from PBR rendering and light to recreate the same appearance.

But they worry,

Remember that these are the original textures rather than the last artwork! Not only can it make the Adventure Alpha more interesting but it will provide the staff having a blueprint of the way to approach updated art, lighting, level design, etc..

Different items on the station are also being worked on, and items like doorways, lifts, and items like the dermal patches “are all seeing fresh iterations”.

Most backers of this game also have expressed how much they appreciate the monthly upgrades from Nightdive ever since they returned from a hiatus back in February refocused on delivering the true movie that was originally promised.

It is possible to read the complete update on Kickstarter connected in the Source below.

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