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Final Episode of Sonic Mania Adventures is Now Available, Watch it Here

Sega has today released the fifth and last installment in the ongoing animated series Sonic Mania Adventures.

Following upon the events of the prior incidents, the latest installment finally sees and friends teaming up to eliminate Metal Sonic. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Ray, and Mighty are all finally together in this last episode and just through teamwork is that they conserve the Chaos Emeralds.

Today’s release of this installment also interferes with the launching of Sonic Mania Plus, and it’s currently accessible on PC, now Ps4, Xbox One, and Switch. Since you’ll be able to view from our inspection we found it to be truly great and improved upon the already fantastic Sonic Mania.

You can locate the final installment for Sonic Mania Adventures in the bottom of the page.

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