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Rare Releases New Teaser for Upcoming ‘Cursed Sails’ Update for Sea of Thieves

We’ve known for a little Rare’s second key content update for Sea of Thieves was scheduled to arrive at some stage this month, but today we know for sure when to anticipate.

Rare revealed now that the next upgrade for Sea of Thieves eligible Cursed Sails would be coming on the final day of the month — July 31. As for just what this new upgrade will demand, Rare clarified it :

Cursed Sails sees the lifeless setting sail for warfare against the dwelling, so sharpen your steel, then stock up on bananas and also prepare to satisfy terrifying skeleton boats in battle!

While this may not be too much info, Rare also released a brand new teaser trailer for Cursed Sails that shows the skeleton armies taking into the high seas. This brand new movie doesn’t show anything concerning gameplay but instead is a great tone piece for that which Cursed Sails may attract.

The most recent trailer for Cursed Sails are found at the bottom of this page. When this update rolls outside on July 31it’ll be accessible on both platforms which Sea of Thieves resides on, Xbox One and PC, at no cost. For more about Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out our review by earlier in the year.

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