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Enter the Gungeon Pays Homage to Metroid With Updated Weapon

With the launch of Enter the Gungeon‘s new Advanced Gungeons & Draguns upgrade right round the corner, programmer Dodge Roll Games happened on Twitter to show off a sneak preview of just one of those game’s upgraded weapons. Fans of a certain space bounty hunter might find this weapon recognizable, as the updated weapon pays homage to Metroid‘therefore Samus Aran.

Aptly titled The Heroine, the weapon revealed off at Dodge Roll Games’ Twitter article is not completely new to Enter the Gungeon. Described from the game’s Ammonomicon since “the arm of a famous bounty hunter,” The Heroine was available in earlier versions of Enter the Gungeon, but its prior incarnation didn’t comprise the Plasma Beam, Wave Beam, or even Ice Beam.

New weapons are merely one of the additions that Dodge Roll has assured with its forthcoming Advanced Gungeons & Draguns upgrade. The developer stated that the forthcoming upgrade will also include new items, enemies, synergies, rooms, and more.

As Metroid Prime 4 has been notoriously absent out of Nintendo’s E3 Immediate, Enter the Gungeon‘s forthcoming update seems to be the only way players will have the ability to use Samus’ arm cannon to the near future. The game’s Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update is scheduled to be released around July 19th.

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