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For the Creators of Overcooked There Were Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen

While we often hear about the highly publicized trials and tribulations surrounding large budget games, we seldom hear stories about the independent game developers which handle similar problems.

Speaking with host Chris Slate, Overcooked founders Phil Duncan and Olie De-Vine shared Many Different funny war stories regarding the Evolution of the very first Overcooked title.

“[It’s ’s] a tricky game to create when there’s just two of you personally. So the first game we really struggled [with] it. I didn’t know why we got it in our minds that it would be a excellent idea to earn a four-player game when there’s only the two people. There’s plenty of tales people, for example, both of holding two pads, and trying to manage them. ”

The duo then goes on to detail the hard core challenges they faced when seeking to create the game’s first trailer. Since that time wasn’t anybody to help them record gameplay for each of the game’so four personalities, equally De-Vine and Duncan had to concurrently control all of four personalities themselves. De-Vine predicted this feat “an absolute nightmare,” saying,

“we needed to put this up so that each joystick would, like, move another chef and then we had been trying to coordinate like a new series of things that had to happen in the trailer. ”

Besides lacking labour, the duo also lacked the appropriate computing power to make the trailer. De-Vine says that the pair was utilizing “old PCs in the time” and had to borrow a buddy ’s computer to catch the gameplay footage needed for the trailer. At one stage, as a result of technical constraints, the group attempted recording the trailer at half rate with the aim of speeding it up in post-production.

Something tells me they didn’t even need to borrow a computer to make this one.

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