Gal Metal’s Physical Release Will Include New Characters and Songs

Get ready to rock and roll through the night as developer XSEED Games has announced new details regarding the Western release of Gal Metal, the hardcore beat game.

Gal Metal will be released both digitally and physically in North America and Europe that Fall. The physical version of the game, entitled Gal Metal World Tour Edition, will have the Encore DLC package, a content patch that gives players access to five new characters and tunes. Additionally, players that opt to buy the game digitally is going to have the option to purchase the Encore DLC individually on the Nintendo eShop.

Launched in Japan earlier this season, Gal Metal is a rhythm game that succeeds to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. Instead of using plastic peripherals or a VR headset, players simply use the Joy-Cons to pantomime that the act of playing with the drums. Promoting imagination, the game tasks players with creating “free-form drum lines” over the rhythms embedded to the game’s soundtrack. Needless to say, players also have the choice to play the game with the Nintendo Switch Guru Controller, you know, about the off-chance they despise having fun completely.

You are able to check out the recently revealed box artwork for the Western launch of Gal Metal World Tour Edition below.

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