The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Remaster Proves Gaming Nostalgia Isn’t Over

All of Us sat through Ready Player One. We all went to Best Buy two hours before they opened and tried to get an NES Classic. All of us witnessed the various campaigns developed to deliver back Atari and Intellivision. It’s 2018, along with the nostalgia train displays no signs of quitting. Keeping with this tradition, today inXile Entertainment announced a detailed remaster of the first The Bard’s Tale trilogy that will be available for Windows weekly.

Poignantly titled The Bard’s Tale Trilogy, the newest collection will include the initial three games, improved images, and optional updated capabilities. These new features include “automapping for three games, spell access, and upgraded equipment/inventory direction,” along with allowing players the ability to “play male or female across all 3 games. ” Notably, only Tales of the Unknown, the first installment in the series, will be available at start, together with The Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate coming in autumn and winter .

This is not the first time The Bard’s Tale has now returned. A massively popular crowdfunding campaign began in 2015 may bring the series from a three-decade-long hiatus later this year. Furthermore, inXile released a game in 2004 known as The Bard’s Talenonetheless, this title had nothing to do with the first game.

Regardless of whether gaming nostalgia has overstayed its welcome, The Bard’s Tale Trilogy remaster provides a sigh of support for game preservationists. The remastered trilogy intends to “truly realize the vision that the first dev teams had” and provide a gaming experience, “without needing emulation or compatibility issues. ” Of course, if you’re a Bard’s Tale purist you might also breathe a sigh of relief, as the game will eventually obtain a Legacy Mode that allows players to have the trilogy with no of the contemporary quality-of-life updates.

In Addition, You can check out the game on Steam and GOG.

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