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Fortnite Update Adds New Limited Time Mode Called “Steady Storm”; Patch Notes Inside

Players of Fortnite will be stirring up this morning to find a laundry list of changes and enhancements to the ever-popular shooter. Together with the previously leaked double barrel shotgun, version 5.20 of Fortnite will include a Limited Time Mode called “Steady Storm,” and it’s exactly what it seems like.

Like many battle royale games, Fortnite has a closing circle, also referred to as this “storm. ” But in Steady Storm, rather than closing after a particular quantity of time, providing players to get into a designated secure zonethe storm is continually closing during the match, with no safe zones whatsoever. Players might have to be aware of the inconsistent ring, which makes for a few feverish rounds.

Also contained in the spot are a couple of additions to the co-operative Save the World Section of the game: Ragnarok has made the leap from a Battle Royale skin to some Mythic Outlander Hero in Save the World, and new Horde Challenges have been added.

Check out the entire patch notes below.

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  • Certain interactions will now interrupt reloading.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Reset to Default will properly flashed keys to the default values.
    • Changing input choices will demonstrate a confirmation message if replacing a present input signal index.
    • Audio for automatic weapons no more cuts out after tapping the flame and then immediately pressing and holding the fire button.
    • Fixed an issue that might result in multiple selection boxes to look when using a control.
    • Reduced memory use of internal object reference search systems. This will help prevent out of memory problems.
    • Non-English sound device names from the sound settings menu will now display properly.
    • Players with voice chat will no longer combine the wrong stations when quickly switching parties, join the incorrect voice channels, or be unable to send or receive voice conversation usually.
    • The mouse cursor lock condition into windowed mode will now function properly. Alt-tabbing will return mouse lock status.
    • The’Sprint Cancels Reload’ option will now function properly with”Sprint by Default” enabled.
    • Fixed some display issues with the interaction between the display resolution, 3D resolution, and video quality settings at the Options screen.
    • The keyboard ‘key’ hotkey background was updated to increase legibility.
    • Party system has become more responsive to mistakes related to link loss when sending particular party messages like kicking and promoting. Should reduce issues with handling celebration.



    Steady Storm has one always moving storm closing in around the island. Stay ahead of it and take down the other players to make a Victory Royale!

    • One Storm that shuts over the course of 15 minutes.
    • There are not any secure zone circles. Keep an eye on the map to predict where the Storm will probably close in.
    • The Storm does 10 damage every second.


    Playground is a low-pressure surroundings in which friends can let their creativity run rampant, build enormous constructions, clinic with weapons and items, and fight against your buddies. Have fun!

    • Fill/No Fill option added to game style selector.
    • Chest & flooring loot shifted back to one weapon spawn each so as to decrease clutter.
    • Dip into the Battle Royale map using a group of friends for an hour.
    • Play to exactly the exact same team to assemble together or switch to various teams to battle.
    • Players respawn unless removed by the Storm.
    • The Storm doesn’t begin for 55 minutes and requires 5 minutes to close in.
    • 10 times the quantity of resources are obtained from reaping.
    • 100 Llamas is going to be spawned on the map.
    • Chests & ammo boxes spawn 100 percent of their time and contain additional ammo.


    •  Double Barrel Shotgun added.
      • Accessible in Epic and famous variants.
      • Can Be Seen from ground loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
      • Delivers high burst damage at quite close selection but damage falls off heavily in the distance.
      • Fires 10 pellets such as other Shotguns, includes a bigger spread, lower critical damage multiplier (1.25x), plus a 2 second cooldown time when swapping weapons.
      • Epic Variant
        • Up to 143 foundation damage per shot extreme close variety.
      • Legendary Variant
        • As much as 150 base damage per shot at extreme close Variety.
          • Vending Machines spawn more frequently, cost less, and also have a heightened opportunity to spawn at a higher rarity.
            • Frequent Vending Machine
              • Spawn opportunity decreased from 7.27% to 6.67 percent.
              • Material cost reduced from 100 to 75.
            • Unusual Vending Machine
              • Spawn opportunity climbed from 14.55% to 20%.
              • Material cost decreased from 200 to 150.
            • Rare Vending Machine
              • Spawn opportunity climbed from 14.55% to 20 percent.
              • Substance cost reduced from 300 to 225.
              • Material cost decreased from 400 to 300.
            • Legendary Vending Machine
              • Spawn opportunity increased from 3.64percent to 8%.
              • Substance cost decreased from 500 to 375.
            • Chance for no Vending Machine to spawn in a place reduced from 54.67percent to 26.66%
        • Decreased Remote Explosives drop count and maximum stack size.
          • Drop count decreased from 4 to 3.
          • Max heap size reduced from 10 to 6 weeks months.
        • Additional a Greater precision punishment to jump and sprinting for Double Pistols, Submachine Guns, and Hunting Rifles.
        • Fixed a problem that could sometimes make the storm in phase 6 to do 1 damage than intended.
        • Fixed replication issues caused by interacting using a Guided Missile.


        • The weapon flame position today more closely follows the true player location when crouching and un-crouching.
          • Shooting when departing the crouched position will no more fire bullets out of full position height before the animation is complete.
        • Crouch doesn’t interrupt emotes anymore and is handicapped when emoting.

        Bug Fixes

        • Particular player versions will no longer obstruct camera angles or block crosshairs on slopes.
        • Fixed an issue where a wall could become invisible when ruined on a client, but might still have some health on the server.
        • The camera will no longer instantly transition when trying to aim particular weapons while in midair.
        • Trap selection will no more unintentionally cycle if switching to accessible traps.
        • Fixed an accidental camera alteration when entering and exiting targeting while transitioning in and from crouch.
        • Visual effects will properly play when a vehicle impacts a surroundings prop.
        • Fixed reliability issues when utilizing a rocket launcher to boost shopping carts or even the ATK.
        • Fixed an occasional collapse of glider deploying after departing a Rift.
        • Switching weapons following an emote will play the correct weapon switch cartoon.
        • Slurp Juice doesn’t longer continue to heal or provide defenses after being knocked down.
        • Player set map markers will no more appear to jitter around the minimap or in the world.


        • Significant GPU optimization on Switch. Moved into the luxury forwards renderer. This raises dynamic resolution by 10% in expensive scenes.
        • Optimized the way explosives change structures to lighten the load onto servers that are dedicated.
        • Building props have more effective network usage when taking damage.
        • Melee cartoon trails now utilize considerably less network traffic.
        • Optimized C4 network use, the impact sound no more broadcasts to players outside a specific selection. It only plays players which are near enough to the impact.


        • Additional new equip sounds to grenades.
        • Add the ability to honk while driving the ATK.
        • Lowered the volume of impact sounds when picking vehicles.
        • Added audio effects for when spectating squadmates leave the match.
        • In the Locker menu, the glider audio will fade out when it’s unselected.

        Bug Fixes

        • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle scope-in sounds are no longer hard-panned into the left on Switch.
        • Audio such as your rocket incoming sound will now properly play during close range fights.
        • Ambient audio loops will no more stack on each other and play at once. This was creating a solid phasing issue that seemed similar to your”fighter jet”.
        • Footsteps will no longer sound uneven for players beyond your field of view.
        • Players will no longer hear’ghost footsteps’ after removing an enemy.


        • The Id menu can now be started in-game.
          • Also, Daily and Suggested Challenges have been added to the in-game map screen.
        • Altered the Battle Royale battles screen to show the remaining challenge package unlock time for a countdown once it is significantly less than 13 hours off.
        • Show off your skills in the removal feed once you land a hint at All Terrain Karts.
        • Fixed an problem with all the buttons on top of the Outfit style choice screen overlapping with the draggable window title bar area.
        • Eliminations in Haunted Hills Challenge will display as challenging.
        • Players who’ve unlocked the capacity to pick color fashions for the Carbide and Omega Outfits will no longer randomly become locked from the choice.
        • The’Toggle Favorite’ choice no longer shows when selecting fashions.
        • The Build Bar no more stays active if it was active on the warmup island.
        • Quest updates and automobile key hints no more revolve around the HUD.
        • Punctuation in the Challenge descriptions has been fixed.
        • Fixed clipping on the Item Return display for systems with competitive Safe Zone settings.
        • Shifting setting while within the Fight Bus will no more bring up the complete HUD earlier than planned.
        • The HUD will show the vehicle currently being driven instead of the one that was driven last.


        • Upgraded the effect of light on personality models.
        • Added equip and holding cartoons for many grenades.
        • The magnitude of this Soccer ball at the juggling emote has been fixed.
        • Leaning while on All Terrain Karts no longer cancels emotes.
        • Player models will no more appear twisted while controlling both the Guided Missile.


        • Cameras no longer get trapped in a terrible state whilst following the Battle Bus.
        • The players staying counter for the 50v50 LTM now appears properly when viewing replays.
        • The damage amounts toggle in replays currently functions correctly.
        • Damage numbers now correctly show up on the last removal during replays.
        • Player set on the Map display now works correctly using a gamepad.
        • Health and protect bars on map screen player list now display properly.


        • Customizable fire mode selection screen added to blend and match firing manners.
        • Additional FPS (frames per second) mode setting for mobile devices.
        • Added another person quickbar button into the HUD layout tool.
        • Additional mobile Elimination Feed.
        • Separated Quickbar buttons are somewhat more observable in the HUD Layout tool.
        • Harvest tool will now alternate between the previously selected item when tapped.
        • Completed or expired Challenges are cleared while browsing between Challenges.
        • Ramps will no more be built through other ramps.
        • Shooting when interacting with items no longer occurs.
        • Fixed inconsistency with cellular low power mode support.



        • Introducing Weekly Horde Challenge Missions:
          • Each week during the run of the Road Trip event, there will be a fresh Weekly Challenge assignment at the Challenge the Horde zone.
          • These zones comprise especially designed challenges to push player’s abilities utilizing various modifiers and wave compositions.
          • Weekly Horde Challenge 1: Minibosses
            • Weekly Horde Challenge 1 Quest advantages include:
              • First conclusion: Choose 1 of 3 Legendary Flintlock ranged weapons.
              • Repeatable pursuit: 75 Roadtrip Tickets.
                • Available in the Loot Tab!
              • A new side quest chain is currently available after completing Plankerton: Storm Shield Defense 5.
                • Completing these quests brings you two new Survivors.
                • Discovering Bunkers in the Desert Biome will give advancement for the quest Canny Underground.
                • Mission Control has been added to Fight with the Storm, Deliver the Bomb, Repair the Shelter, Evacuate the Shelter, and Launch the Rocket.
                  • Now all difficulty increases and assignment start will require votes.
                  • Voting to begin the assignment is only required until assignment ready timer finishes, now set to ten minutes.
                • Fixed an issue where rejoin was inaccessible after crashing out of a session.
                • Fixed a problem where SEE-bot could not properly trigger in Repair the Shelter assignments.
                • Twine Peaks Storm Shield missions will spawn Outlander Fragments during the defense.
                • Fixed an issue where some players have been not able to complete single-player quests.


                • Mythic Ragnarok Outlander comes to the Event Store.
                  • Accessible August 8th, at 8PM ET.
                  • Features New Subclass – The dark Cherry.
                • New Ability: Seismic Impact: Punch the ground causing it to rupture knocking back up to moderate size enemies and dealing energy harm in a 2 tile line.
                • Sustained Effect: Seismic Effect’s endurance cost is reduced by 15.
                • Return To Sender: Seismic Impact yields to its initial effect location.
              • Fixed an issue where War Cry’s Mighty Roar perk would not apply to allies who were blocked by the surroundings.
              • Fixed a problem where arming Goin’ Commando induced the players toes .
              • Fixed a problem that caused Rare Centurion Hawk to not increase star level when evolved.
              • Maximum overload now shows the correct damage worth at the tooltip.
              • Fixed an issue that caused players to be adhered when Charged Fist is interrupted.
              • Fixed a problem that caused Assassination visual effects to linger after Assassination discharged.
              • Fixed tooltip formatting of Processor of Stars perk from the skills tab.

              WEAPONS + ITEMS

              • The Aim Down Sights reticle for your Break shotgun today more closely resembles the hipfire reticle.

                • Fixed the next weapons to operate with all the Software Hero Perk:
                  • Pipe Down!
                  • Fixed a problem in which the Epic Fishing Hook had stats that were too low.
                  • Fixed an issue where Helium Shotgun impact consequences would show up in the atmosphere near Encampments.
                  • Freedom’s Herald (and rarity variants) can no longer roll Magazine dimensions or Fire Speed perks, since this weapon can’t hold more than 1 round.


                  • Adjusted all cameras to offer better consistency between both Aim Down Sight and fashionable fire.
                  • Players looking for Truck Stops in Route 99 need to find them more often.
                  • Terrain doesn’t longer create alongside each other in Desert and Route 99 biomes, this prevents the pit of doom at which players may ’t construct out and are stuck.
                  • Different missions that should never have spawned in the Desert sinkhole currently won’t predominate there.
                  • Fixed some animation issues from the Mission Activation panel.
                  • Fixed a problem where Deliver the Bomb track distance was too brief in Route 99.
                  • Fixed a couple of difficult to construct from pits in Desert and Route 99 biomes.
                  • The fourth player joining a Build a Fort mission no more spawns beneath the terrain.
                  • The Super Shielder now correctly takes damage from people who do not have permission to build/do damage during a Storm Shield Defense.
                  • Fixed a problem where multiple Gunslinger enemies could spawn.
                  • Fixed a problem where players were not able to rejoin after difficult final the game.
                  • Additional new statement for every time a player is totally out of building materials while they have Vehicle Material Change enabled.
                  • Added a context menu to card buttons of the collection display.
                  • Elemental Storm Zones now show the correct element once the alert window reveals.
                  • Fixed a problem where multiple part items would stay highlighted at the Collection Book.
                  • Fixed a problem where if you rapidly disregarded then reopened the conversation window using a gamepad it might induce you to Build Mode.
                  • Fixed a problem that caused multiple benefit pages to appear in the Collection Book.
                  • Fixed divide second place of bottom choice in Alterations alternative list when selecting an alteration to shift with a control.
                  • Fixed an issue where the evolution picker would wrongly pick an development when re-entering evolution confirmation screen.
                  • Fixed Credits not operating to the end.
                  • Fixed unexpected noise effects playing in the Mission Activation panel when using a mouse and computer keyboard.
                  • Purchasing multiple free Llamas no longer claims you have 0 v-bucks when you really have any.
                  • Fixed an issue where the vote notification index occasionally showed incorrect details.
                  • Fixed an issue where the Mission Activation could demonstrate an erroneous countdown timer.
                  • Fixed a problem where the mouse cursor could evaporate if a player clicked on certain areas of the Mission Activation Widget.

                    • Fixed an issue that may lead to menu music to quit playing.
                    • Fixed an issue that could cause campfire sound effects to overlap each other.

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