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Team Sonic Racing Will Satisfy Long-Time Kart Racing Fans, But It Needs More “Team”

It’s no secret at DualShockers that my favorite games are first-person shooters and racing games, as I’ve made abundantly obvious with my various reviews and previews of these kinds of games in the past. By far, my two favourite kart racers however are Modnation Racers and, clearly, Mario Kart.

However, a close second to those two games is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  It’s ’s certainly not up to the degree of pedigree as the previous 2, but it was a ton of fun to perform that’s honestly among the most important aspects that I find when it comes to this genre. That all makes me happy to observe that so far, that quality is being carried out into its spiritual successor, Team Sonic Racing.

Recently I was able to perform the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, also provided everything I mentioned previously , I jumped at the opportunity; actually, it’s ’s been one of my most likely previews for some time. Unfortunately, I managed to only complete two races, and so my period with all the game was extremely limited. That said, from what I played Team Sonic Racing will meet its predecessor in it will satisfy long-time kart racing lovers with terrific gameplay, but that I have a few concerns.

Team Sonic Racing Will Satisfy Long-Time Kart Racing Fans, But It Needs More

Let’s begin with the good stuff: Team Sonic Racing is a whole lot of fun to playwith. The controls are tight and responsive by what I can tell, and drifting, a staple in contemporary kart racers, isn’t difficult to perform but difficult to grasp, if that is reasonable. It’s accessible enough to where it won’t feel like a drag to get used to, but it’s not as easy enough to where you’ll be able to start turning corners like an expert on your very first match (I need to know because I only played a couple of races).

Obviously, exactly like the other Sonic gamesyou’can pick up items off each track as you’re racing, which enables you to pull off some pretty fiendish strategies. Regrettably I wasn’t able to try out several weapons, so that I can’t really talk to their effectiveness from the game, though I was able to take out another player using a rocket, that was a ton of fun.

Team Sonic Racing Will Satisfy Long-Time Kart Racing Fans, But It Needs More

One thing that was missing from what I played with was the co-op/team experience that has been advertised so much for this game. Though the title of the game gets the term “Team” in its title, I barely undergone any sort of team-based gameplay throughout my period with the game, and if it was there, it still wasn’t quite apparent. 1 co-op encounter I did come across, but was the ability to trade items to a teammates during races. As anticipated, this will help out your competitors, and yourself, in a variety of manners, but the largest benefit this feature will bring is during online play, that will obviously encourage communication.

In general, Team Sonic Racing might not do much for new lovers. If you like Sonic but not hurrying, you won’t find that a great deal here which will enhance your curiosity. That said, racing fans will have a ton of fun, and when you’re a fan of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, that you ’ll feel at home . I can’t wait to receive my hands on the entire version when it releases later this year, and that I hope that Sumo Digital will make the combined features more evident from the entire release.

Team Sonic Racing will launch for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this season.

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