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The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince’s Western Release Announced for PS4 and Switch

Text would be in English, whilst audio will be in Japanese.

Mesmerized with this gorgeous voice, a little priest from a nearby kingdom fades to the dark woods nightly to find its source. However, the tiny priest startles the wolf during one of his visits, and that she awakens her claws in fear and drapes him.

The blind prince must trek through the dangerous forest to find a treatment and restore his sight. The wolf, transformed into a gorgeous princess, will be his guide. Together with her ability to transform at will, she’ll protect the little prince at all price. But can a blind prince live in an all-seeing blossom? ”

As normal, we also get a rundown of the game’s attributes, which are definitely quite unique. You need to switch between princess and wolf in order to use force to counter the dangers of the forest, and kindness to direct the prince round.

  • Unleash Your Inner Monster — Alter at will between princess and wolf to guide the blind prince to get a treatment. Weave through the dangerous woods, but be careful… A blind prince cannot live in an all-seeing forest.
  • Brute Strength Meets Sharp Wit — Various barriers will demand the wolf’s power, and others are going to need the princess’ wit. With all these traps and dangerous hurdles that anticipate, can the two create it safely to their destination?
  • Lost Pages in the Forgotten Tale — Using each delicate petal comes a fragment of memories shared with the wolf and prince. Collect them together your trip and paint a vibrant story of friendship, love, and reduction.

Obviously, a trailer could not be lacking from the statement, so it is possible to enjoy the game’s endearing illustration-like visuals. If you would like to see more, then you can check out a current Japanese trailer, also  a different movie .

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