Disaster Report 4 Plus Gets Screenshots Showing Customization and Life After the Quake on Famitsu

Now ’s issue of Weekly Famitsu Comprised an spread on Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories by Granzella.

First of all, we get to find some character modification for the female heroine (of course the same can be done with the male hero). At the start of the game, we can select hairstyle and clothes. In addition to that, we could even find plenty more within the game itself and then also alter our style.

There are plenty of strategies to interact with other characters, together with many dialogue choices. For instance, when you meet with a person whose restaurant has been damaged, you could be inviting, give him cash, laugh at him and walk away, pretend to be a debt collector and also demand payment, and much more.

If you find another digging in the rubble looking for his possessions, it’s possible to again help him, try to negotiate a reward, ignore him, pretend to assist to steal his belongings, and much more. There are loads of opportunities to roleplay.

Sometimes we’ll get orders, and it’s our decision on whether to accept them or not.

We get to find an evacuation center with shelters made of blue sheets since aren’t enough tents to provide everyone refuge. Fatigue and stress have reached their limit, therefore many are laying back on the floor. Sometimes they can’t sleep due to the summer heat, the lights, nervousness, and anxiety. Sometimes they hear suspicious noises, and they wonder if they’re real or just their creativity.

Since there are many folks, the garbage is piling up since there is no way to process it. That adds to the stress and many will ’t hold their anger. Even water and food are inadequate, and the evacuees reside in the bare minimum.

Interestingly, we understand that the VR adventure won’t follow the same story as the game, but it’s going to be its own self-contained mini-story.

Last, but not leastwe get to see loads of outfits which will be given as retailer-specific bonuses, including pastries, beachwear, and even super-sentai costumes.

You are able to check out all of the pictures below, remember that they’re – magazine scans, and so quality is far from perfect.  If you wish to find out more, then you can check out the trailer published recently, the previous trailer, and a sizable gallery of screenshots and information that were showcased some time ago. You should also watch some rather interesting PlayStation VR gameplay.

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