Hanasaki Work Spring! Getting PS4 Release in November in Japan

Today Entergram declared that the visual novel Hanasaki Work Spring!

This follows the initial 18+ launch on PC from 2015 along with the all-ages interface for PS Vita in 2017. Obviously the PS4 variant will be a jack of this latter.

It’ll definitely cost 5,980 yen and taxes at an actual retail edition, 4,980 yen in digital edition, and also 7,980 yen plus taxes for its limited edition that could include a B2-sized tapestry.

The narrative is about the usual completely normal high school student who has invited to the “ghost club” within his high school and then gets the pioneer all the sudden. Needless to say, the club is full of cute girls. The game includes cutesy artwork by Kanao Hontani.

Should you’re wondering, then there is not any western release announced for today. The game was not localized in its previous stages, and also we ’ll have to wait and watch whether the PS4 release will induce any publisher to release this at the west. My money will be on “no,” but that I ’m not a betting man.

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