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Joggernauts, a Co-op Auto-Runner Game, is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Publisher Graffiti Games and programmer Space Mace revealed now that their combined party game Joggernauts will soon be Nintendo Switch-bound. The game is a two-to-four player auto-runner, inspired by titles like Bit.Trip Runner, New Super Mario Bros.. Wii, Space Team, and even the Bop It toy.

The gameplay of this cleverly-titled Joggernauts has players taking turns as “the mind of a jogging team of alien athletes” through color-coded, obstacle-filled platforming levels. The mechanics are reminiscent of that of Ikaruga and Runbow, with players of particular colours needing to switch to get past challenges with the same colors. And in the spirit of teamwork, players share the identical amount of lifestyles, and will win and lose amounts together.

But even with this focus on teamwork and coordination, Space Mace also revealed the game is going to have a single-player component. Exactly the same switching gameplay is kept, however, the player is going to have to control two characters at once–to help you better be well-coordinated on your own.

Joggernauts is coming to the Switch in 2018, with an additional launch on Steam, though the statement and accompanying trailer chiefly focused on the Switch launch. To get a closer look in the game, you also can check out the above preview below:

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