Nintendo Confirms That Luigi Survived his Encounter with Death

Yesterday’s Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate-centric Nintendo Direct stream started off something of a dark note: we watched a terrified Luigi running through a castle at his vintage Luigi’s Mansion apparel trying to steer clear of snakes, creepy statues, also mummies, all while equipped merely with a plunger for protection. Eventually, he ran straight into the grim reaper itself. With one fell swoop, the reaper swung its scythe and knocked Luigi’s soul from his body.

Of course, this was a smart set up to announce which Simon and Ritcher Belmont in the Castlevania series would be joining the already robust throw of Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate when it lands on Switch later this year. The classic vampire hunters will be bringing their traditional brand of combat to the name using a wealth of well-known weaponry including axes, crosses, holy water and their iconic whips.

However, allegedly killing one off of Nintendo’s most well-known personalities didn’t go down too well with fans of this series, so Nintendo has resigned to confirm that Luigi did, in reality, endure his tangle with the grim reaper. There were no more details given, however. Rather, Nintendo’s VS Twitter account in the UK simply published a tweet about the topic saying “Luigi is okay. ”

Aside from the destiny of Luigi being verified, the Belmonts will probably be joined by Donkey Kong Country‘s King K. Rool when Super Smash Bros.. It is going to also be available in an excellent limited edition package featuring a GameCube controller and adapter in Europe.

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