Five Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play After Okami HD

While Okami premiered all of the way back in 2006, the current release of Okami HD on Nintendo Switch has demonstrated its impressive visuals and unique gameplay mechanics have stood the test of time, also today Switch owners will have the opportunity to encounter one of their most acclaimed names of the last decade.

That being said, the Switch is now home to plenty of games that are visually and mechanically similar to Okami HD, so if you chance to complete the game and are looking for more adventures like it, then here are a few hints of different games to fit your Okami-loving needs.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is possibly the biggest no-brainer of the entire list, and now there’s little reason to get a Switch and NOT have played Breath of the Wild, the machine ’s arguable killer app and one of the greatest games to release within 2017.

That having been said, when you’ve yet to dive into or play with Breath of the Wild, it could surely serve as an interesting counterpoint to Okami HD given that it draws so greatly from The Legend of Zelda series, gameplay-wise. Even though Okami plays more like the past 3D installments in the series such as Ocarina of Time or even Twilight PrincessBreath of the Wild still nonetheless should familiarize you with its stunning visuals and a world that truly redefines the series’ gameplay.

2.  Bayonetta 1 & 2 Collection

Five Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play After Okami HD

Stylistically and mechanically, the Bayonetta games are almost nothing like Okami HD at all, though the two games do share a frequent thread through their developers which make them an intriguing pair.

Since Okami HD was designed from the late and great Clover Studio (which made the Viewtiful Joe series), the remnants of Clover would then proceed after to shape PlatinumGames, the programmer that would not only craft the Bayonetta series, however many other distinct, action-packed games such as NieR: AutomataMetal Gear Rising: RevengeanceThe Wonderful 101, along with many others.

So while Bayonetta 1 & 2–that were released as a collection earlier this year on Nintendo Switch–are a bit of a departure from the colorful and vibrant universe of Okami, the common historical connection between both ought to result in an interesting experience. If this ’s not enough, then you’ll be more prepared for the forthcoming Bayonetta 3.

3. Shape of the World

Five Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play After Okami HD

Released earlier this season, Ridge of the World isn’t merely a excellent companion to the luscious visuals and amazing landscapes that players will find in Okami HD, but may also provide one of the most relaxing and tranquil gameplay experiences you’ll be able to learn there.

Produced by the Canadian studio Hollow Tree Games, Shape of the World envelopes players inside different procedurally-generated worlds filled with life, color, and sound. Though the game lacks a more traditional story like everything you might discover in OkamiShape of the World will still provide an incredibly exceptional visual adventure that will have you coming back to view more of exactly that which ’s in store from its world.

4. Gorogoa

Five Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play After Okami HD

Coming from developer Jason Roberts and writer Annapurna Interactive, Gorogoa is a very brief interactive puzzle game where players interact and control the activity in a unique manner, one that certainly shares a few of those attributes which Okami‘s Celestial Brush provides.

Occurring over a series of environments and buildings, Gorogoa eschews some of the more conventional setups for puzzle games because players will have to use the Switch touchscreen to socialize and move things, zoom in to panels, and more to get the different remedy to each challenge.

Though the game is a short experience in comparison with the lengthy adventure of OkamiGorogoa shares the same type of curious relationship between the player and their surroundings together with the unconventional ways that it requests the player to think of challenges and puzzles, and needs to be a natural match for people looking for unique touchscreen-driven theories and mechanics.

5. Yoku’s Island Express

Five Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play After Okami HD

Aside from being one of the most recent games on this listing, Yoku’s Island Express is possibly the hardest to correctly explain. In short, Yoku’s Island Express is introduced as a sort of all open-world, Metroidvania pinball game, and if that description lost you, then I’d likely recommend that you watch the game’s trailer to get a clearer picture of how it plays.

But more to the point, Yoku’s Island Express is a title I would urge after Okami HD in it’s a unique melding of genres in a beautifully-crafted and vibrant world. Whether you’re coming into the game for its unconventional mix of genres or its colorful island graphics and gameplay, Yoku’s Island Express should match the needs of people who are searching for one of the unique gameplay experiences which Switch owners may play, in this time.

Even though Okami is a name that is currently more than twelve years old since its first launch on PS2, Okami HD is still a testament to the fact that the game has aged so unusually well, and also Switch owners for sure are getting an unforgettable experience with all the recently-released Switch version. But, hopefully these suggestions above can help you find a couple other distinctive titles one of the Switch’s current library of games to enjoy.

Should I missed anything or you have ideas of your own, feel free to say them in the comments below.

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