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Hello Neighbor Review — A Nail-Biting But Aggravating Experience

After Hello Neighbor had been originally revealed many years back , I was genuinely excited for its quasi-horror/puzzle game. Unfortunately, that delight quickly ran out when I discovered that the game was just coming to PC and Xbox One (at the time), because my PC could ’t handle running several games, and that I simply didn’t possess an Xbox One.

That changed when the programmer declared it would be coming into Switch and PS4two consoles I really own; I was honestly counting down the days until I got my code for the game. As soon as I started playing Hello Neighbor, however, my excitement quickly turned to annoyance and disappointment.

For those that don’t know, Hello Neighbor is a first-person terror game that puts you in the shoes of a little boy (at least to get the two-thirds of the game) who witnesses his own neighbor locking something–or somebody –in their cellar in a really funny manner. Your purpose is to attempt to get down there in order to find out what he’therefore hiding. Obviously, players might have to complete puzzles and avoid detection from the Neighbor by running or hiding so as to get inside and outside of the house safely.

Hello Neighbor Review -- A Nail-Biting But Aggravating Experience

As always, allow ’s start with the positives: Hello Neighbor really does a great job at constructing suspenseful, moment-to-moment gameplay. You’ll never really understand when the Neighbor will be right outside the door you’re going to go into. If you do happen to get caught, you do have a split-second to eliminate (usually) but you’ll have to lose him speed or hide in a dress before he leaves you alone. There were plenty of times where I was not really sure when I dropped himwhen I was hiding, which could allow for a few nail-biting moments. While there are a couple of other parts of the game which I enjoyed, such as the exact forgiving checkpoint method, past the game’s anxious minutes Hello Neighbor is basically a enormous disappointment.

Aside from the control layout located in the configurations and a tiny tip-like display on the pause menu, then the game basically tells you about what you’re supposed to perform.

Today, don’t get me wrong: I really like it when a game doesn’t hold your hand and I’m not one to discuss difficulty. However, the game actually only drops you into the world and also doesn’t tell you what your aims are or how to complete each act. Because of this, I had been stuck wandering across the world for hours, simply to slowly but surely finish the level through conclusion. There’s no benefit in taking your own time, and because of that, it’s just not enjoyable to play.

On top of the very annoying gameplay, Hello Neighbor is dreadful to check out. Like the topic of difficulty, I try and keep away from criticizing a game’s art fashion, but I simply can’t do this. While the character model for your Neighbor himself seems good, everything doesn’t. In the few times that the game indicates exactly the character you play as, it always looks so cartoony to the stage that I can’t take it seriously in the slightest. While I like a good, animated artwork style in almost any other instance, Hello Neighbor just seems lazy and odd.

Hello Neighbor Review -- A Nail-Biting But Aggravating Experience

I can remember a number of cases once the neighbor could freeze or get trapped on an item in the game universe, which will allow me to literally walk right alongside him so long since I didn’t face the front of the physique.

In another instance, I was retrieving a key and when I went to the door, my hands cut by it, and I accidentally pressed the wrong button that led to the secret to drop from my hands. Clipping is ordinary in games, and I won’t really complain about that; however, what isn’t normal is the fact that the secret went entirely to the other side of this door. Since I couldn’t get the door with no key, I needed to restart this entire section, which caused one of my initial instances of rage quitting ever while viewing a game.

All in all, Hello Neighbor is a gigantic disappointment rather than an excellent game at all. At $29.99there’s zero chance I can recommend it to anybody, unless of course, you like games that tell you nothing about what to do.

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